Leadership Course Outline

The primary function of effective leadership is to produce successful change. This concept recognizes that leadership is important in all spheres of activities and at all levels of an organization that should contribute to success in responding to change. This training focuses on the leadership challenges posed by the political, economic, social and technological changes taking part in our globalized world. It is designed to enhance the development of leadership qualities in training participants through identifying their talents, values, interests, and leadership capacity

Training Objectives

At the end of the course the training participants will be able to:

  • Learn and utilize the strategic elements of leadership
  • Define and create an inspiring mission, vision and values
  • Understand Leadership Behaviours and styles
  • Appreciate leadership challenges in 21st century
  • Identify and transfer the best knowledge and practices
  • Identify performance targets and opportunities
  • Manage the change process and overcome resistance
  • Build trust and encourage teamwork
  • Empower, motivate and inspire others
  • Effectively solve problems and make executive decisions
  • Improve staff performance through coaching
Who Should Attend

This inspiring and stimulating course is designed for senior and middle line managers, team leaders, project managers, young promising talents, experts and other professionals, who:

  • Are responsible for managing and guiding people to achieve exceptional performance and success
  • Are responsible for structuring and implementing change
  • Are students and recent graduates with outstanding potential and seeking successful career