Business leaders are increasingly recognising the need for marketers to contribute to strategy development and adopt wider, cross functional roles within the organisation. A thorough understanding in strategic competence and planning is essential to complement specialist marketing skills. Our marketing management training is designed to give participants the skills they need to hit the ground running in their marketing career. With formal marketing management training, they will learn about the techniques behind managing a team of people dedicated to bringing products or services to the market place.

Training Objectives

At the end of the course training participants will be able to:

  • Discover what is the major function of marketing
  • Assess the marketing environment
  • Clarifying the core objectives for each element of themarketing mix (Product, Price, Place and Promotion)
  • Learn how marketing communications works
  • Acquire marketing skills, tools and techniques
  • Create marketing plan
  • Explore models of consumer decision making
  • Classify ways to segment the market
  • Construct a differentiated positioning strategy
  • Elaborate and develop promotion strategy
  • Understand the concept of the “Blue Ocean Strategy

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for

  • Newly appointed marketers with little experience in marketing
  • Mid-to senior-level marketers
  • Product, brand and advertising managers
  • Anyone involved in corporate sales
  • Business professionals and consultants
  • Students and recent graduates who seek career in marketing