Joint operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020

Project’s duration: 28 months

Start date: 23/03/2021

End Date: 22/07/2023

Project Consortium

Name Country Role
1 Varna Free University – VFU Bulgaria Lead partner


Greek Exporters Association – SEVE Greece Partner
3 European Regional Framework for Cooperation – ERFC Greece Partner
4 Odessa City Council – ODESA 5T Ukraine Partner
5 International Centre for Social Research and Policy Analysis – ICSRPA Georgia Partner
6 Samsun Metropolitan Municipality –SMM Turkey Partner


Circular Economy [CE] is a key priority of the EU that will be supported by EU Funds and programmes in the current and, in particular, in the next programming period. The transition to the CE needs to be supported through capacity building and awareness raising actions, as well as identification of good practices to be spread across the EU.

CE incorporates a series of critical interventions on various topics and schemes, which cannot covered within the framework of a relatively small CBC project. So, among the different CE priorities and topics, BSB-CIRCLECON will focus on three main aspects (project specific objectives):

a) To promote the EU CE model

b) To inform on waste prevention, reduction and management

c) To establish BSB coordination for mutual coping with environmental challenges

In order to accomplish its objectives, the project involves Business, NGOs, Academia and local authorities as performers of this groundbreaking –in terms of BSB- initiative. Towards these goals, the project approach for addressing the common challenges constitutes of the following steps of a logical framework flow:

 Promote CE model to business and local authorities

 Inform key actors and output multipliers

 Develop specific educational material

 Organise training of experts groups

 Disseminate CE to public

 Establish an EGTC for future maintaining the momentum

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