General Description

Project summary

One of the main causes of the Black Sea pollution is the inefficient treatment of the municipal and industrial wastewater. All the six partner countries have concerns about the modernization or construction of new wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF). A modern and efficient WWTF is obtained by improving not only the equipment but also the management and personnel skills. The present project proposes to analyze the status of WWTFs in 3 countries with direct access and 3 countries connected with the Black Sea region in order to establish the best approach for wastewater management by a new methodology based on statistics. The partners will develop a continuous improvement strategy (CIS) designed to help WWTFs maximize the benefits of their services by improving the integrity of data, reducing defects and variation in processes, speeding the flow of information and decreasing costs of poor quality. There were no concerns until now to develop a such continuous improvement strategy for the wastewater treatment facilities in Europe, much less in the Black Sea coastal states.

Project Objectives

Overall objective is to achieve stronger regional partnership and cooperation to realize significant improvements of the wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF) management in the Black Sea coastal states.
Specific objectives
1. Cooperation between Black Sea (BS) partner regions to improve the management of the wastewater treatment facilities;
2. Increase the performance of wastewater treatment facilities through a new continuous improvement strategy (CIS) model development;
3. Acquisition of desired competences for the personnel involved in BS wastewater management;
4. Enable WWTF managers and BS regions decision makers to manage more effectively and respond to trends more quickly;
5. Coordination of the technical, administrative and financial activities of the project.

Estimated results

  • Expert knowledge on the status of wastewater management and sustainable development increased in the Black Sea region;

  • New concept developed to improve the management of wastewaters treatment facilities in 6 countries with direct access to the Black Sea or clearly integrated to the BS Basin.

  • Wastewater management improving by training of 18 specialists able to develop the same concept in the wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF) in 6 countries participating to the joint Action.

  • WWTF performance increasing by implementing the CIS concept in Romania, Region of South-East and in Greece, Anatoliki Makedonia -Thraki Region.

  • Access of public and private entities from the Black Sea area to information about the new wastewater management concept by promoting the project on the websites of 7 partners.

  • A well deployed project reaching its objectives, without serious conflict between the partners, without irregularities and with smooth reporting to the programme.

Main activities

  • Documentation elaboration to define and implement the continuous improvement strategy (CIS) in wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF);

  • Balanced Scorecard elaborating to measure, monitor and communicate the WWTF performance;

  • CIS training of some specialists able to spread the knowledge between regional operators, agencies, universities and institutes personnel involved in environmental protection and wastewater management;

  • Visibility of the CISWastewater project;

  • Management and coordination of the CISWastewater project.